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Here is the catalog of free ringtone services which I strongly recommend.

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or how to create your own ringtone

Instruction of creating ringtone:

Now I'll teach you how to create ringtone for your mobile from any mp3 or wav file.

You need some basic programms:

1. Winamp v5.x, avaliable here:

2. Windows Sound Recorder: usually you can find it in the next path:
Start Menu->Programs->Accessories->Entertainment

3. Qualcom's "PureVoice Converter for Windows", avaliable to download from:

After installing all this programms on your computer let's start creating free ringtone.

Make this instruction step by step to create your own free ringtone!

1. Open your mp3 or wav file in Winamp. If it start to play - stop it.

free ringtones

2. Go to Options - Preferences - Output. Choose Nullsoft Disk Writer plug-in

free ringtones
free ringtones

3. Click "Configure" and choose directory "c:\converter" (previously put in this directory Qualcom's "PureVoice Converter for Windows", which you downloaded under the number 3 in the basic programms)

free ringtones

4. In this window also check the box "Convert to format" and click on the button with format characteristics

free ringtones

5. Choose format PCM and atributes: 8.000 kHz, 16 Bit, Mono

6. Press Ok, Ok and exit from preferences (in which we entered on step 2)

7. Click on Play and Winamp will create new file in accordance with our settings. This file will appear in your directory c:\converter

8. Listen this file. If you listening it in Winamp, don't forget to change preferences in: Options - Preferences - Output; choose DirectSound Output

9. If all is ok, start the Windows Sound Recorder:
Start Menu->Programs->Accessories->Entertainment

10. Go to: File - Open and choose your new file, which placed in c:\converter

11. Listen your file. Press stop button when you find the position from which you future ringtone start.

12. Go to: Edit - Delete before current position

13. Find the place where you want your ringtone finish. Stop there

14. Go to: Edit - Delete after current position

Your file should be less than 30sec and the name of the file should be withour spaces. You can rename file in Windows Explorer.

15. Open Windows Explorer and go to the c:\conterter

16. You'll see 4 files:
- your wav file (for exapmle music.wav)
- pvconv
- pvconvreadme
- pvsample.qcp

free ringtones

17. Drag the your wav file on the pvconv and drop it. Programm will create new file automatically. In our example it will be named as music.qcp

free ringtones

18. If you have Sprint CellPhone, you can go to, enter path to file and your phone number to receive ringtone.

Here is the catalog of free ringtone services which I strongly recommend.

Free ringtones

Free Nokia and others Ringtones

Q: How to create ringtone for my mobile?

A: Try to find in your model's instruction the type of ringtone for your mobile. If it's midi - try to find midi in google for example - it's easy!

If it's mp3 - try the next:

1. Try to connect your mobile with computer (usb, bluetooth)

2. Find mp3 file

3. Download MP3DirectCut Lame - you need them to cut mp3 and and change bitrate. You can download by the follow links:
a) MP3DirectCut
b) Lame

4. Start MP3DirectCut and open your mp3 file

5. Select with mouse part which you want to hear as ringtone

free ringtones

6. Go to: File - Save Selection
and give the name to your future ringtone

free ringtones

7. Let's do with Lame. First unpack it. In our example it unpacked in c:\lame

8. Put the file you've created in step 6 to the c:\lame
In our example it test.mp3

9. Go to command line in Windows: Start - Command Line

10. Type next line:
c:\lame\lame -b 8 test.mp3

11. Press Enter. After processing you'll see new file in c:\lame
It's you ringtone

12. If you don't satisfy by quality, you can repeat from the step 9. In the line
c:\lame\lame -b 8 test.mp3
vary the number 8 on higher

13. Upload file in mobile

14. Enjoy

you can use this instruction to make ringtones for all models of mobile phones: nokia, motorolla, samsung, lg and so on

Here is the catalog of free ringtone services which I strongly recommend.

Free ringtones